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 Is a great place to visit, it is an up and coming vibrant city! There is quite a lot to see.

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Rishon Le Ziyyon (Rishon Le Zion) city is about 9 miles south east of Tel Aviv - Yafo (Jaffa).

The name (Hebrew: "First to Zion") is derived from a biblical allusion in Isaiah 41:27.


Pictures of the Great Synagogue built in 1885

תמונות הבית הכנסת הגדול הבית הכנסת נפתח ב-1885

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The Gt Synagogue 


The Great Synagogue Opened In 1885      The Great Synagogue Interior 

   Binyamin - Synagogue Warden        Binyamin Stood Next to Me

  Synagogue Interior    The Holy Ark 

 Lower Left Window  The Tribes of Israel     Reuben to Issachar Children Of Israel.  The Right Lower Window

Lag BaOmer 33rd Day of The Omer The Giving of 10 Commandments and Torah

  Synagogue Interior  

   Monday 27th Feb 2012

   Views of Rishon Le Ziyyon



Todlers in Chabad Kindergarden Baking Mazoh for the Passover 26.03.2012.

ילדים אופים מצה לפסח בגן חב'ד 26.03.2012.


Above is the original water tower.


 City Hall    

            Rishon Museum British Mandate Wall Post Office Box

Rishon Le Ziyyon Museum Rishon Le Ziyyon Museum Site of the first well.

 Horses and Carraiges were kept in the stables. Side of Rothschild's stables. Rear of Stables Yehuda Leib St In Bet Ha-Am The Citizen's House Concerts are often held

    Mural on Carmel Winery Wall Gan Ha-Ir Central Park    

Vilna Gaon Mural On Vilna Goan St Yovel Tower Entrance to Carmel Vineyard - Winery Carmel Winery The Carmel Winery Mural On Carmel Winery Wall Rishon LeZiyyon Zoo



Cinema City Complex 62 Cinemas

סינמה סיטי יש בה 62 בתי קולנוע

   Cinema City Complex



The Keramim Neighbourhood


Oppostite Keramim neighbourhood Keramim neighbourhood In the Keramim Neighbourhood In the Keramim Neighbourhood

  In the Keramim Neighbourhood In the Keramim Neighbourhood  In the Keramim Neighbourhood In the Keramim Neighbourhood Sephardi Synagogue In the Keramim Neighbourhood-Sephardi Synagogue


 In the Keramim Neighbourhood-Yekev Garden In the Keramim Neighbourhood In the Keramim Neighbourhood

This link "Rishon Le Ziyyon," will take you to the Rishon Le Ziyyon Municipality website English page. This the English web page of the Rishon Le Ziyyon Museum web page:

Webpage of 360 degrees Virtual Museum of Rishon Le Ziyyon:

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A brief write up on its history

Rishon Le Ziyyon is the second oldest Jewish settlement of Israel in modern times (after Petah Tiqwa): Rishon Le Ziyyon was founded in 1882 by mainly East European and oriental - Jewish immigrants.

The settlers at first unsuccessful, owing to lack of agricultural experience, gained assistance (after 1898) from Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the financier and philanthropist. His experts found the area suitable for vineyards, which were planted along with citrus orchards.

Baron Rothschild built some of the world's largest wine cellars, whose ownership and production are now in the hands of The Growers' Cooperative Society Carmel Wine Company. The city's growth was accelerated by its proximity to the Tel Aviv-Yafo and the finding of water in 1883 at a depth of 43 meters. The cry: "We have found water" Matzanu Mayim appears on the city seal, and is widely used for names or logos.

The water tower was built in 1898, and the well was in use till 1977.  Rishon Le Ziyyon has its own wells and at one time the only city not connected

to the national water supply.

During the British Mandate the water supply was extended throughout the town and the road system expanded.

Water is recycled for use in the many lovely wide boulevards, parks and gardens. Rishon Le Ziyyon was voted as the most beautiful city in Israel with its parks, gardens and new neighbourhoods.

Since the middle 1990's, new areas have mushroomed around the city and the population has increased rapidly over the years. There are a number of new shopping malls: and there is a new promenade on the sea front, which is being expanded. It will shortly connect to Bat Yam's neighbouring town's promanade. It will then be one of the longest promanades in Israel.  Plans are being made to expand the city limits eastwards to build new residential neighbourhoods, parks and gardens; this will most likely make Rishon Le Ziyyon the largest city land area in Israel.

The Israel Symphony Orchestra of Rishon Le Ziyyon was founded in 1988.

When the weather permits on Saturday nights there is public dancing on the promanade.

During the Sukkoth (Tabernacles) festival in the Autumn there are open air Concerts in the parks and malls.

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