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Manchester England   

Manchester Photos


I am sure that the town centre has changed somewhat since I took these pictures!

I haven't been in Manchester for over 15 years and from all reports a far different place

than when I lived there.


This link is a 2009 picture of the house I lived in.

Brace Family 1970's in Manchester.

The above picture was taken in the backgarden

of 8, Harrogate Ave, Prestwich in the 1970's.

התמונה למעלה צולם בגינה אחורית של הבית ההוריי בשנות ה-70.

Picture of Sedgley Park Prestwich - Bury New Road:

לינק לתמונה של האזור שגרתי בו פעם.


Manchester is the home of both Manchester United Football Club

and Manchester City Football club.

Manchester United Football Club     Manchester City Football Club

Jews have lived in Manchester for over 300 years and are active in communal affairs: They first arrived from Spain via Gibraltar and Amsterdam. With the advent of the pogroms in Eastern Europe and Russia at the end of the 19th century the European Ashkenazi community expanded rapidly.

There are approximately 40,000 Jews in and around the Manchester area. Recently a new Ultra Orthodox Talmudic College The Junior Yeshiva Le Zeirim was opened in Leigh St. Salford. It will be one of the largest Talmud Colleges in Europe.

There is an excellent Jewish Museum, which hosts events and displays:


Take the virtual tour.

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