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To See Photos Of Our 3 day Tour In The North of Israel 2011 left click on these links.




Not everything is in the right order but......

I love photography, especially movie cameras. The picture below shows one of the best I've ever owned, a Swiss 1961 series Pailard Bolex P1 Reflex 8 mm movie camera.

Although the main film-stock on sale for Standard/Regular 8mm was is now discontinued), (see this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8_mm_film ) I used to buy 100 foot reels of low light use 125ASA and 400ASA 16mm Video -Television news double perforated film stock, and send it away to be perforated for 8mm. See the perforation pictures below.

To use the now double 8mm perforated film in my Bolex P1, I had to re-spool it to 4 X 25ft reels in the dark to avoid exposure. After filming I re-spooled it back onto the original 100ft spool for developing in a lab.

After receiving the film back from the E6 developing process, I split the 16mm wide film into 2 X 8mm and joined the two halves together for viewing. Film splitters and 16mm wide film stock are still obtainable. These websites below say they offer 16mm and the later Super 8mm film and equipment and may sell Standard/Regular 8 mm film stock.




           The Alt - Neu Synagogue Prague.  Click on photo.
The Alt Neu Synagogue - Prague



The above link lets you view a write up and pictures of the Synagogue. I had the pleasure of visiting the Synagogue in 2000: It is well worth the visit.


Today I have a Panasonic VHS-C video camera that gives me fine results. This is a real money saver as buying movie film stock today is expensive. The newer technology allows me to re-take (shoot again) over anything that is not up to scratch or to my liking without high expense. Multi million pixel cameras have taken over where Video tape and Cameras are more portable than ever. Clarity and sharpness have improved!

Editing with digital and video in the past was a headache, not that film-stock editing was that much easier. An editing room with its Movieolla a sort of hand or electric wound real to real frame inspector was then the norm and nails holding dangling cuts of movie film for editing.

Sound stripe on movie film helped with sound synchronisation, and sound was copied from the film before editing as the sound head is positioned 18 frames from the shutter aperture inside movie cameras.


Editing video requires special Time Base machines to retain the original quality when making a copy for editing. There are a number of excellent PC and Macintosh computer programmes available for editing and enhancing movies, with them you can add special effects. It is now possible to connect VHS C type video cameras to a computer USB socket by a special cable; consequently giving almost exhaustable use of the same VHS-C cassette.

Digital editing is now done on computers and there are no shortage of excellent programmes to do this.


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I love working with computers and showing people how to use them, which has brought me to write my Beginners help files on Paint Shop Pro 7 & version 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2. You can download them from the page, click on the different question marks to do this.

My first computer was an Apple //C a fabulous small concise portable desktop model that had a black 8 inch screen and no hard disk: text in green and I had to keep inserting floppies. I then progressed to a Mac Classic, also with an 8 inch screen, but at the time far more advanced in features than 486 computers, and finally joined the herd and moved over to PC. Well nothing like dealing with computer problems is there? - It makes life so interesting. Sometimes I'd like to do this to them.



Linux for those who may not know is an alternative to Microsoft Windows TM and Apple Macintosh TM systems. The majority of Linux distributions are maintained by computer programmers who are given a free hand to produce open source software. Most of the major Linux distributions are free to download and are free to use at will and alter how you like. If you have a good idea how to make it better submit it, Forums answer queries that you may have, and many volunteers offer good advice to solve problems: see: www.linuxquestions.org. To see reviews go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/InfinitelyGalactic where you will see various excellent reviews and advice on the very latest of Linux Distributions. He also advises which are for the beginner to try who has always used Microsoft Windows TM.

Linux distributions known as distros are packed with free open source software, which replaces non-free license purchase programmes.


Best Linux Distributions For The Desktop 2014 or How to Choose a Linux Distribution Properly.
Left click on this link to read this very spot on article. It will give you food for thought, and explain how to choose a Linux distribution wisely.

Linux distributions come either on try out live CD's or DVD's that can boot up (start up) your computer without you changing anything you have on the computer. This is extremely useful when looking for viruses in Microsoft Windows TM partitions. Linux can and does read Microsoft Windows TM partitions, something that Microsoft Windows TM is unable to do, Microsoft Windows TM cannot see or normally read and open a Linux partition. Upon closing your computer all information in Live CD/DVD mode is lost and wiped from the Computer RAM memory. Excellent for those worried about viewing Bank accounts or other personal information.

Many Linux distribution downloads are .iso files. They are complete systems with all sorts of freeware programmes included. Some are a CD and others need a DVD for burning. You can of course use a USB flash drive and set your computer Bios to Boot from Removable Drive.

Left clicking on a saved .iso file, usually opens a CD/DVD burning programme which burns the CD/DVD automatically. See the full explanation below:

At present (2016) I am using Linux Mint 17.3 Mate Desktop; This new version is based on the new Ubuntu LTS Long Term Distrubution. It is easy to see why Linux Mint retains 1st place at http://distrowatch.com/ and it has done this for several years. Without doubt it is one of the best Linux distributions around.
It gives you a choice of either using Compiz for various numerous desktop effects only available at present on Linux. or Linux Mint Mate Marco Desktop. For those coming from a Microsoft WindowsTM environment they will find the Linux Mint Mate easy to get used to. It is highly recommended for new comers to Linux. Each new version is more user friendly than its predecessor.

The Linux Mint KDE version has various desktop effects which improve with every new version, you can enable them, the choice is yours.

The Linux Mint disk includes an excellent file recovery tool called Testdisk. It can repair and write a new boot sector replacing a damaged one. It will let you recover hidden files to a backup location.

Another one which I had installed at one time is Mageia 4.
Mageia 4 (now version 5) is built in a new format which according to reviews speeds up installation and use. Mageia offers a programme called IsoDumper which lets you burn to a USB flash drive. Later in the year a new edition will be released.

See these independent reviews:


Like Linux Mint, Mageia is also well thought out. It too comes with stacks of programmes. As many new Linux distributions do, On the download it has the latest LibreOffice included which gets installed for you. LibreOffice is an open source free at no cost alternative to Microsoft OfficeTM.
There are versions for Microsoft Windows TM, Linux and MacTM . See below for a fuller description.

Linux Mint distribution downloads are available in either 32 Bit or 64 Bit. There is also a sister download called Cinnamon.

All Linux distribution downloads include Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download and install Google Chrome or Google Chromium. Google Chrome has its own version of Adobe Flash called Pepperflash. This Flash Plugin is now available for
Mozilla Firefox browser. It is automatically installed on all of Google Chrome's version whatever system you use. Two 5 Star programmes often included are SMPlayer & VLC Media Player both regularly maintained. I have yet to see anything as good as this for viewing movies. SMPlayer & VLC are cross platform programmes available for all operating systems, you will find downloads at their web pages.
SMPlayer can remember where you left off, an excellent programme option.


The Mageia 4 released in February 2014 has a newly designed Mageia Control Center with the latest programmes to install; It makes it easy for you to change or add options. You can also download from programme repositories to install programs. The .rpm file is automatically downloaded and installed adding any necessary supporting items needed during a programme installation.

Mageia is based on a fork off of Mandriva and there are no shortage of good programmes that are up to date.

It is very stable and nice to use. This is an excellent Linux distro distribution - application. Designed for beginners and advanced Linux users.

If you're in doubt whether Microsoft Windows 8.1 TM  is you, or have  installed Microsoft Windows XPTM and don't know whether to replace it, then look at the latest new Linux Distro is Zorin 9. This has just been released Aug 2014: This Distro (distribution) is designed for beginners. You can make the desktop look like Microsoft Windows XP or 7
TM , Mac OSTM  or Ubuntu Unity. Zorin is based on the long term release of Ubuntu 14.04, so there will be long time support for this distribution. You can install programmes that are designed for Ubuntu and Debian, which are .deb type files. See this independent review on Zorin 9. There are two versions, one the free download, which has Wine and PlayOnLinux installed for installing various favourite Microsoft WindowsTM  programmes. 

Zorin 9 at present is in 9th place in the distrowatch.com list.

You can see updated snapshots on the web pages.

An other Linux Distributions to consider are Ultimate Edition 4.2 another fork off of Ubuntu is designed for game enthusiasts.

Like Linux Mint, Ultimate Edition 4.2 (a fork of Ubuntu) obtainable are stacks of programmes from the vast Debian and Ubuntu repositories. There are lots of free programmes are available. Linux Mint is a constantly updated and upgraded distro.


The following advice is for users of old Linux Kernels and Skype Programme Problems, it will not apply to today's newer Linux Kernels.

Skype in Linux Mint & Mageia 4 work well in the latest Linux distributions. Below are instructions how to download latest Kernels. Note it is important not to remove your present Kernel. Some Linux distributions and programmes may not work with the newer ones, or they may not be compatible with your computer. Remember your are taking a risk to download a newer Kernel not tried and tested by your Linux distribution.

To Download the latest current Ubuntu/Debian/Mint .deb type Linux Kernel 32 Bit and or the 64 Bit Computer kernels go to:
For latest daily Linux Kernel 3.15: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/current/

Downloading Instructions
1. Save your downloaded Kernel to one folder, usually consisting of three now four Linux Headers, Image files and Image Extra.

2. Open a Terminal and change to that folder you saved the file in. If you saved it to Downloads:

# CD Downloads/......

3. After changing to the folder containing the saved files in the Terminal type the following: sudo dpkg -i *.deb and press Enter and type in your password; the Linux Kernel will be installed.

Note you may get error warnings! Ignore them and wait for the installation to complete. The Grub or LILO Boot loader will show the new entry for the Linux Kernel you installed. Do not delete the original Kernel from the list, you might not like the new update. Note you do this at your own risk. However I've done it more than once satisfactorily, install Grub-Customizer to set the default booting system.


Don't be in a rush to throw out that old computer!
You can
find a Linux distribution that will work on an old computer. I had one that worked nicely on a 10 year old Pentium 2 laptop that only had only a 4.2 Gigabyte Hard Disk! It gave me good use using a Linux Distribution. I connected it through the Modem Router as a Network computer! Linux Lite will work nicely http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTLLSO-xVw4&list=TLxBUqBWeBUASnM_cACS6T8zjNjqQcn9-Q.

Click on this link and you will be taken to Tux Magazine. Tux has ceased to issue new magazines. It was an excellent magazine full of information for the newbie. There archive lets you download all the editions, they are all in PDF Acrobat and easy to read and understand!

The advancement of Linux with its free open source software means that you can easily find free programmes to help you.


There are several free bootable live CD's/DVD's available based on Ubuntu and Knoppix formats for downloading. See this link http://www.knoppix.net/, that you can download.

Because these live CD's/DVD's boot up and operate in a virtual Ramdrive, they do not alter in any way your standard computer settings. You can try a Live disk, decide whether you like it or not. When you shut down your computer nothing is altered in any way, as RAM dies when the computer switches off. In someways this is an extremly secure way of looking at financial and banking pages, because all memory of where you surfed is obliterated and there's no record of it on your computer when you switch off your computer!

Linux can open and read Windows partitions, whereas Microsoft WindowsTM does not! You can use a live CD to dispose of viruses in Windows partitions.


LibreOffice is an excellent FREE office suite for those who do not need all the options of a full size Office suite. It is available for install on Microsoft WindowsTM/MacintoshTM/Linux. LibreOffice based on Open Office is now standard on Live CD's and Live DVD's. It's not as comprehensive as Microsoft OfficeTM but there are excellent extra add - ons which make it a very versatile: It can open 99% of Microsoft Office 2007/2010 DOCX Word documents and Microsoft Powerpoint PPSX and PPTX type files. LibreOffice can save as a .doc/docx to be opened by Microsoft WordTM in a My Computer partition.

Most CD's/DVD's are packed with very useful programmes in the .iso file. For example they come with Mozilla Firefox, Acrobat reader, mp3, VLC Media Player which just about opens any downloaded youtube, besides graphic and diagnostic programmes; on the 700 MB bootable disk in the ISO download there is an astounding 2 Gigabyte of compressed programmes that automatically expand and open when you click on them for installing and use. On a 4 Gigabyte DVD there could be over 6 Gigabyte of compressed programmes. They automatically connect you to the Internet.

Don't let the term "ISO" scare you! Once you have downloaded the "ISO" file Linux application programme of your choice, Nero Express can easily burn the boot up disk for you. Left clicking on a downloaded .iso will automatically open the burning software and burn the .iso onto a CD/DVD, or follow the instructions below:

To burn a downloaded disk image to CD or DVD disk do the following:

1. Download and save to a folder of your choice the .iso file.

2. Select the option "Disk image or Saved Project" - Left click on it and select Files of type: Image Files (*nrg, *iso, *cue) select the file in the download folder.

3. Left Click on Open and then Next choose the burn speed do it, select X8 for quality!

4. Left click on Burn; the free download ImgBurn or Nero will burn the disk for you.

Linux distros (nickname for distributions) give you the chance to share files between sections of your hard disk, you can save a file to a Microsoft Windows TM Computer partition. Linux can do what Microsoft Windows TM does not do, it can recognise and open items on all parts of the computer. You can even diagnose your computer find and delete a virus on it.

To help you configure Linux there are free tutorials and stacks of help available along with forums. People are standing in line to help you solve problems.


I have found that people who use Linux installed on their hard disk as a second or major option love the freedom it gives them to experiment and obtain an abundance of quality Freeware programmes that easily rival those made for PC.

Various Software producers openly supply their products as Freeware without cost to Linux users, and often they are compatible with PC.

You can use Wine Emulator, Codeweavers Crossover and Playonlinux to install your favourite Microsoft WindowsTM based programmes to run in your Linux distribution.


Chazanut Cantorial Music

I love to listen and sing the Cantorial Chazanut Music of the great Cantors. I am often asked voluntarily to lead the local Synagogue service on the Shabbat (Sabbath) and festivals as I have a Tenor voice.

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I enjoy learning the Daf Yomi via the Internet; the daily Talmud study.




Click on here to see more interesting links.


Jewish - Hebrew - English calendar page. The calendar is full of features, times for Shabbat, Festivals, and Daf Yomi – The daily Talmud study page. You can download free this excellent calendar either as a zip or .exe file: It is only 388 Kbs.




A comprehensive updated daily Talmud - Gomorrah Audio - Visual Page Lectures.

Languages: English, French, Yiddish and Hebrew.

There are lecture archives available for streaming,

and there's a question answer service.


A variety of Torah lectures and Jewish Interests.


English Hebrew Torah Databases: Excellent Mishneh Torah Rambam Dos database, for all Windows applications, and is easy to use as long as in Full Screen setup, English/Hebrew Help included.



Jewish world subjects, interesting articles.

See the Ipix page views of Israel through the camera lens 360 degrees.


Got a computer, hardware, software, Windows TM, Macintosh TM or Office TM Problem – ask here, volunteers will try to help you solve the problem.


Give your computer a free test and find out how to improve it – Go to the Pit-stop.


The English page of the Yad Sarah Organization.


Manchester England based weekly Jewish newspaper full of interesting articles on community life.


Talk to your friends computer to computer PC, Pocket Pc, Linux or Mac for free. They also have a computer to telephone setup.


Check the Download and Upload speed of your Internet connection.

(Please note that web sites often update their page content,

so you may find that certain pages have changed format.

Note: I accept no responsibility for accuracy or content.)


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